• Areej Shafique

The Name is Areej - like, Reejis Philbin - Get it?

Heyo, my name is Areej Shafique; if it’s easier to pronounce, think of American media personality Regis Philbin, and add an A at the beginning. That’s usually how I start off most of my cover letters, auditions, and, you guessed it - Starbucks orders. Heck, I even wrote my entire common app essay about my name. Because if there is one thing American colleges love, it’s a sob coming-of-age immigrant story. Well, jokes on them because my story isn't sob - it's actually filled with fun anecdotes, desi family references, and humor; despite the occasional existential dread. Strap in folks, because Shafreaky Doodles just got a blog.

#StarbucksCup #MyNameIs #RegisPhilbin

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